Further to the recent worrying news coverage on the provision of suspect halal food to HM Prison Service, FoRMO undertook an investigation into the provision of primary school catering supplied in the borough of Redbridge.

FoRMO has made contact with the council children’s services, who have provided details of the school meals contract provider- ISS.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed the halal meat served at our primary school menus has been accredited by the following respective organisation/bodies:

  • Atwell Farm Poultry Products (Authorised by National Halal Food Group)
  • Marbec Meats (Authorised by Instiute of Islamic Jurisprudence UK)
  • Salisbury Poultry Midlands Ltd (Authorised by Halal Food Authority)
  • Alliance Group Ltd (Authorised by the Federation of Islamic Association- New Zealand)

FoRMO would like to remind all stakeholders of their responsibility to ensuring regular checks are undertaken on the provision of halal meat to our primary schools.

At the same token, we appreciate there are many halal food accreditation bodies in the UK who operate with their own standards and protocol.

As Muslims we are reminded of our duty to be diligent with our dietary requirements in line with our religious guidance.

For parents who are concerned with the provision of halal food catered at your local school should make contact with the council accordingly in order to make an informed decision.

FoRMO would like to thank Redbridge Council in co-operating with our enquiry.


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